Pennies For People

“Pennies for People” is a grassroots movement benefiting Community Alliance Cooperative Youth program. We are currently organizing “Pennies for People or P4P” events around the country.

We are penny collectors and we are collecting pennies to fund our program.

Pennies are everywhere and we need your pennies!

Pennies collected for the “Pennies For People” campaign will be used to assist us with creating the foundation of our Community Alliance Cooperative Youth program. These pennies will provide opportunities for young women to be able to be able to learn skills which will allow them to earn the money needed to continue their secondary education. Our Community Alliance Cooperative Youth program is designed to develop self esteem and create self-sufficiency. We are seeking organizations who would like to participate in a fun activity that serves young women in third world countries. COLLECT on your own or form a "team Pennies For People."

Collect on your own or organize your friends and family to join you!

Pennies for People Pledge Sheet

Pennies for People Information Sheet

Pennies for People Gathering Sheet


Pennies for People


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