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Agape Community Center Opens December 12, 2012

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived. Our doors are open and we are providing training to the community of Pommern.

Community Alliance Cooperative created a program designed to provide opportunities for individuals to expand their development both personally and professionally.

Our first training center was designed and built from participants in our program. Local tradesmen taught skills from design to carpentry and masonry.

Resources from the Pommern community were used to build our training center. The bricks were made locally from the red clay in the area and all the windows and doors were designed and hand crafted by our participants.

Agape Community Center provides training opportunities to design and sew school uniforms for primary, intermediate and secondary school students in the area and more. Maria Mgeni, a master tailor provides instruction on how to sew from the basics to the master tailor skill level.

Our current participants range in age from 14 to 37 years old. Part of their training will include English, micro business skills and management and personal development classes.

Join us in expanding opportunities for these individuals and growing our services to be able to provide programs such as this around the world.


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